Outside of opera, Kim is involved a host of projects, both live and recorded. She recently lent her voice to the score for BBC prime time drama, McMafia and featured as a guest vocalist on Floex & Tom Hodge’s Decca/MKX album Portrait of John Doe. 

With her own project Second Moon of Winter, she has released on German experimental label Denovali Records. 

She believes deeply in an holistic approach to singing and at the moment is focused on her new audio-visual project, All That Is Sound, which aims to use the voice not just as a performance tool but a meditative one also.

Kim Sheehan has been a professional opera singer for the past 20 years performing coloratura soprano roles in some of the biggest opera houses in Europe. She has practiced Mysore-style ashtanga yoga with Philippa Asher for the past 5 years and is currently studying the history and philosophy of yoga. 

Kim has always believed the gift of singing is something to be shared and is particularly interested in the listener’s journey of how they experience voice. As the basis of her MA in Music Performance in 2016, Kim created and performed live All That Is Sound, the marriage of her passion for singing and her practice of yoga. 

All That Is Sound invites the listener to awaken the vibrations of the nervous system through long flowing vocal lines of vowels, mantras and chant, set in loops with ambient drones. It especially explores the concept of maintaining a clear mind, known in yoga as Samadhi

At its heart All That Is Sound is an uplifting live audio-visual performance for all but more specifically an experience which can complement pre- or post- yoga practice at both indoor and outdoor music venues, festivals and retreats at sunrise, sunset or under moonlight.


Second Moon of Winter is Kim Sheehan (voice) Ari Sheehan (guitar) and Tom Hodge (clarinet). One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, their first record was released in January 2015 on Denovali.

The hugely personal project was born from a number of free-form improvisational sessions. The recording process took place in a basement by the sea in County Cork and became a merging of a live and studio experience. The six-track album is a record of their intuitive improvisations which dispensed with computers, samples, overdubs and any processing after the event.

Erik Otis at Sound Colour Vibration said of their debut: "All of the pieces channel into a spiritual energy that raises the hairs on my neck and lifts everything into an axis that is all its own.


In summer of 2018, Kim provided contributed vocals to Floex & Tom Hodge’s collaborative album A Portrait of John Doe (Mercury KX) created with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

She worked with the pair on three tracks: ‘John Doe Arise,’ ‘Prelude I,’ and ‘Prelude II.’ Both ‘John Doe Arise’ and ‘Prelude II’ were released as singles: the former was premiered on Decoded Magazine and was remixed by Max Cooper, while the latter was released alongside a dance-floor ready remix by Deltawork.

In November 2018, Kim’s likeness and voice formed a part of the virtual orchestra that played alongside Floex and Tom Hodge throughout their tour across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Late in 2017, Kim joined forces with Tom Hodge (also of Second Moon of Winter) and his long-time collaborative partner Franz Kirmann to contribute to the OST for the eight-part prestige BBC / AMC drama McMafia, the first episode of which aired on BBC One on New Year's Day 2018 in the UK.

The series stars James Norton as Alex Godman who, despite his life-long effort to cut his familial ties with the world of organised crime, finds himself suddenly dragged into the family business.

"The soundtrack pulsed like a Hollywood thriller" - The Telegraph 

The full soundtrack is available to stream and download everywhere through Mercury KX.


In 2010 Kim provided vocals for the Pimp OSTa mockumentary-style British thriller starring Danny Dyer. Through the lens of a documentary camera team, the story follows a week in the life of a Soho pimp.